Clinical / Business Assessment

With the increased popularity and specialization of alternate site infusion business models added to an ever-changing and demanding business climate, infusion providers are commonly seeking new solutions that can assist with the complexities of one, or more, of the following business challenges:

  • Increased patient volume & throughout
  • Increased necessity for patient / drug safety
  • Increased complexities of infusion delivery protocols
  • Increased drug expense
  • Increased storage, security, preparation and handling requirements
  • Increased documentation and audit trail requirements
  • Increased billing / reimbursement procedures
  • Increased integration and use of Rx dispensing and EMR systems

Typically, alternate site providers have relied on older generation, hand-me down, or refurbished “acute care” designed infusion pumps to meet their operational needs.

This has largely been because the more well known OEM infusion device manufacturers have not focused and designed products that deliver on the unique requirements of alternate site providers.

This is where Zyno Medical fits in.

Your IV system touches and implicates most every aspect of your business and clinical operations on a daily basis. As you consider or begin the system assessment process we encourage customers to take careful account of several key questions to help navigate the discovery process.

  • Is there an IV pump manufacturer that understands our unique needs?
  • How can we streamline daily Rx dispensing, pump programming, and charting operations?
  • How will my infusion center profitably handle increasingly complex documentation, reimbursement, and billing demands?
  • Why are we spending so much time managing technology and paperwork instead of attending to patient needs?
  • When will we see real-time infusion status across all our patient chairs, improving both pharmacy and nursing workflow?
  • Is there a pump that we can trust and that is reliable?
  • How do we better protect patients from the risks of medication and pump programming errors?
  • How will our current infusion pumps safely and accurately handle increasingly complex drug delivery protocols?
  • How can all of these functions be integrated, work seamlessly and stay connected?

Is your current infusion system meeting your requirements for:

Patient throughput and safety

Pharmacy prep and supporting operations

Rx dispensing and coordination

Infusion setup time

Patient-centric dosing and specialized
delivery protocols

Increased operating margins

Reduced device programming time

Reduced programming errors

Alarm management and visibility

Reduced RN workflow interruptions

Usability and increased user-satisfaction

Rental cost reduction

Charting / EMR documentation of infusion start and end times

Increased billing and reimbursement requirements

Lower IV set cost and complexity

Increased pump durability and reliability

Service and/or repair cost

Increased operating margins

…if not, Zyno Medical can help.

Please consider contacting us today and ask to have one of our specialized field sales representatives assist you in conducting a comprehensive infusion system analysis. It’s free of charge and will likely open a world of new options and system possibilities to consider.

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