In today’s demanding healthcare environment there are many emerging business challenges facing infusion providers. Having to worry or be hassled with your fleet of infusion pumps should not be one of them.
Nonetheless, infusion pumps represent a vital component of your daily business yet they can often have non-productive or disruptive impact on your staff, patients and operations.
Infusion providers are also under increasing pressure to find ways to maintain profitability within a shrinking reimbursement climate. This means having to pay added attention to managing your assets and scrutinizing both direct and indirect costs.
We find that infusion providers often lack the adequate resources to closely examine how their current IV pump system may be impacting these business metrics and efficiencies.

At Zyno Medical, helping customers in this process is our core competency.
As such, we have developed a consultative system analysis process to evaluate a number of “Intelligent Infusion Solutions’ designed to help improve your daily operations and cost structure.
To examine and explore these solutions simply requires a brief and collaborative discovery process with one of our in-field infusion specialists. There is absolutely no cost, or obligation to this service.
We invite you consider the possibilities further…… by reviewing Clinical/Buisness System Assessment

Because the company’s focus is on infusion centers… Zyno Medical is the ideal partner to assist us in defining and supplying our Intelligent Infusion Solution.

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