IV Infusion Sets

When considering a new infusion system purchase, it is important to carefully evaluate the disposable IV set offering. There are a variety of clinical, operational and financial requirements to consider including: 
-Available set configurations
-Usability features
-Manufacturing capabilities
-Quality and safety features
-Distribution and delivery history

In designing Zyno Medical’s “Intelligent Infusion Solutions,” we knew it was important to pay careful attention to the many different attributes of our disposable IV set offering including:

Incorporating state-of-the-art design, components and materials:

-Low cost straight-line IV sets
-Gravity prime and use off-pump (Insert photo)
-Non-DEHP and latex-free
-Advanced needleless connectors
-Set based free-flow protection

Utilizing world-class manufacturing operations:

-ISO 13485 certification
-CE certification
-FDA registration
-Strict GMP compliance
-State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
-Medical grade clean rooms (Class 10,000 & 100,000)
-Talented workforce & engineering leadership team

Offering rapid, coast-to-coast delivery via four regional distribution centers:

-Rancho Dominguez, CA
-Miami, FL
-Wood Dale, IL
-Canton, MA

The chart below summarizes the most common use infusion sets for use with the Z-800 Infusion Pump Series. B series sets include the set-based free-flow protection clamp for use with Z-800F, W and WF model pumps.

For additional descriptions and specifications of all Zyno Medical infusion sets please refer to the Zyno Medical IV Sets Catalog.


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