Z-800 LVP Series

The Z-800 Infusion Pump Series has four primary “purpose-driven design” objectives that are central to the development efforts:


The purpose-driven design objectives were met to create a diverse range of clinical use-cases necessary for the infusion pump environment. This provides a pump that is intelligent with multi-therapy programming modes that include:

-Continuous Rate / Time / Volume Infusion.
-Piggy-back Infusion
-Intermittent Infusion
-10-Step Programming Infusion
-TPN Ramping Infusion
-Custom Protocol Infusions
-Blood Infusion
-Other “purpose-driven design” and performance elements of the

Z-800 Infusion Pump Series which also uniquely stand out with customers include:

-Set based free flow protection
-Pump based free-flow protection
-Wide flow rate range 1-1200ml / hr
-Comprehensive alarm modes including auto-KVO
-Variable occlusion and air-in-line detection levels
-Easy loading of straight-line infusion sets
-Intuitive programming
-Backlit display
-Ease of portability with built-in handle
-Control panel lock-out feature
-Long battery life
-Quiet operation
-Zyno-View, Zyno-Light, Zyno-Sense and Zyno-Cord

Collectively all of these “purpose-driven design” attributes create ‘Intelligent Infusion Solutions” for customers in ways that cannot be found with other IV pump manufacturers.

Before you consider making any infusion system changes, we invite you to take a careful examination at how Zyno Medical can help you achieve new levels of clinical, operational and financial performance and efficiency.

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