Z-800F- IV Pump

(IV Set Based Free-Flow Protection)

All Z-800 Infusion pump series provide a “pump based, free-flow protection device” to avoid fluid, or medication run-away conditions should a user inadvertently open the door and not close the roller or slide clamp on the IV set.

While this system is very safe and effective, it does not provide the extra protection needed should a user proceed to remove the tubing from the pump prior to closing the IV set roller or slide clamp

Precautions against this possible condition are of particular concern when handling and infusing oncology agents and other critical medications.

In response, Zyno Medical developed the Z-800 F infusion pump. (F indicating set based free-flow protection)


Used in conjunction with B series IV sets, the IV set incorporates a modified Roberts clamp that when properly loaded into to the pump provides an automatic back-up safety system to the “pump-based, free-flow protection device” only system.

As the illustration indicates below, the Roberts clamp easily loads into the pump in the designated holder. A built-in sensor ensures that the pump cannot be used without the clamp being properly installed.

During operation if the pump door is opened the pump-based clamp and the set-based clamp will automatically close. Even if the IV set is inadvertently removed from the pump the Roberts clamp is always automatically left in the closed position.


IV set based free-flow protection:

Is simple and easy to use
Protects patients
Protect health care workers
Protects the work environment

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