Z-800WF IV Pump

Can you imagine?

An infusion system that fully connects and automates pharmacy dispensing, EMR, and billing functions with the IV pump
The benefits of having your IV orders automatically pushed to the pump and waiting for your review and simple confirmation
A pump technology in which infusion start and end times automatically and precisely populate to your EMR and billing system
The safety and accuracy of an infusion system that frees you to spend more time with your patients

We turn this kind of imagination into Intelligent Infusion Solutions…

Taking our purpose-driven design and Intelligent Infusion Solution philosophy to all new heigths, Zyno Medical is leading the industry with the introduction of ZynoFlo the first of its kind Wireless Integrated Infusion System.

We need a ‘plug & play’ infusion solution that doesn’t require any support system changes, complex training, IT support, or maintenance – one that allows us to seamlessly increase safety, workflow efficiency, and meaningful time with our patient… on day one.


Built on the same core Z-800 infusion pump platform we’ve added wireless communication capability to the pump, some new user interfaces and developed custom cloud-based software interface applications to solve many additional customer requirements.

If your infusion center has implemented (or is planning for) electronic Rx order / dispensing, EMR, and billing systems, then we invite you to explore how our patent-pending ZynoFlo Wireless Integrated Infusion System can take your daily operations to all new levels of workflow efficiency, patient safety, automated documentation, billing, and infusion audit trail support not available through any other infusion pump manufacturer.

Z-800F Internet

Unlike complicated and limited utility “Smart-Pump” drug library-based systems commonly found within acute-care settings, our plug-and-play connectivity solution links Rx order and dispensing functions with point-of-care, patient-centric, integrated medication order verification on the pump. Additionally, the system auto-charts the infusion start and stop times into your EMR and billing systems…………. all in a seamless fashion.

The system requires no IT, or other wireless infrastructure, beyond a standard Internet connection and the simple plug-in wireless appliance shown.
In the months & years ahead we will continue to layer on additional system interface capabilities.


The diagram to the right illustrates how the Zyno Gateway resides in an “INTERNET CLOUD ENVIRONMENT” providing the needed interoperability between the Zyno Medical Z-800W wireless infusion pumps and currently validated and commonly used pharmacy dispensing, EMR, and billing systems.

As you might imagine customers are quickly becoming strong champions of ZynoFlo. They report that the system delivers clinical and operational improvements and opportunities for cost reductions by way of streamlining one, combinations of, or all of the following important business metrics:

-Pharmacy / Medication Flow

-Patient Flow

-Nursing Work Flow

-Interdepartmental Work Flow

-Information Flow

-Billing / Reimbursement Flow

We invite you take a closer look at how ZynoFlo might be just the right Intelligent Infusion Solution that you’ve been looking for.

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