10 Step & Protocol Infusions

As part of an overall effort to build a “purpose-driven infusion system” for alternate site providers, it became clear there was a growing need and interest in supporting complex multi-step infusions.
As newer generation drugs and more demanding therapies have emerged, providers are increasing challenged with the programming limitations of older generation infusion pumps.
In direct response, Zyno Medical has developed two specialized and useful programming features within the Z-800 infusion pump platform.

10 Step Infusion

The 10 Step programming mode allows multi-dose sequential drug delivery with different rates and volumes for each step up to maximum of 10 different steps.
The parameters for each step can be programmed, and the pump will deliver the entire sequence without having to stop and manually change the infusion parameters after each infusion step.

For example:

Rituxan 1 Rituxan 2
– 600 ml bag– 600 ml bag
50 ml/hr. for 25 ml100 ml/hr. for 50 ml
100 ml/hr. for 50 ml 200 ml/hr. for 100 ml
150 ml/hr. for 75 ml 300 ml/hr. for 150 ml
200 ml/hr. for 100 ml 350 ml/hr. for 300 ml
250 ml/hr. for 125 ml 
300 ml/hr. for 150 ml 
350 ml/hr. for 75 ml 

Protocol Infusions

The Protocol feature allows the storing and unique naming of any programmed infusion.
This allows a user to recall it and to avoid repeating the programming process for a subsequent identical infusion.
This feature is particularly useful when delivering complex infusions such as a 10 Step, which are commonly ordered for patients and remain the same for a given drug and a given sequence of infusion parameters.

For example:

The 7-step, 3.25 hour, 600ml standard Rituxan infusion as seen under the 10 Step example could be stored in Protocol with all of the rate and volume time steps pre-loaded and labeled as RITUX1
A user could then simply return to the Protocol menu on the pump and select: RITUX1 and repeat the same infusion parameters as often as needed.
If needed RITUX2 could be stored in Protocol to recall a second set of different infusion parameters.

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