Support Overview

Purchasing, implementing and supporting an infusion system over an average 5 – 7 year relationship cannot effectively happen without a comprehensive set of company support services.
At Zyno Medical we pride ourselves at being “best-in-class” when it comes to our customer support services.
From our dedicated field sales team, to our pre & post implementation support staff, to our in-house customer service teams………. everyone recognizes that their #1 job is all about creating and delivering a “customer-delight” experience.
Clearly you have enough on your plate trying to mange the daily operations and challenges of your infusion operations.
Our employees are here to ensure that we fully take care of your infusion system needs and to do it in a way that compels you to tell others. Word-of-mouth referrals continue to grow our business better than any other means.
While these are easy words to say, we invite you explore our track record by asking for our customer referral list. You’ll be pleased with what you discover.

Contact phone#: 866-395-1988
Contact email:

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